Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Lotion

Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Lotion

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Product Description

Sensitive combination skin gets balanced day or night with our light fragrance-free and hypoallergenic Almond Soothing Facial Lotion. This moisturizer with organic sweet almond oil gently restores your skin’s natural balance and strengthens its protective barrier without irritating your skin. Organic sweet almond oil in Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Lotion gently nourishes your sensitive skin and protects against moisture loss with rich essential fatty acids. Plum kernel oil in our Almond Soothing Facial Lotion contains high quantities of antioxidants and vitamins A and E which easily absorb to soothe and calm sensitive or reactive skin. Your skin is protected and left feeling supple and smooth when you use Weleda Almond Soothing Facial Lotion. When balanced moisture is restored with organic sweet almond oil there’s nothing left to be sensitive about. Source

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About Weleda

Actively cultivating beauty. Our History It all goes back to 1921 and something called anthroposophy. This movement stemming from the teachings of philosopher Dr. Rudolf Steiner encourages the individual to see his or her body mind and spirit as intrinsically linked to our world; all part of one holistic system. And so Steiner along with Dr. Ita Wegman got together with a team of dedicated scientists and doctors to determine just how they might use this philosophy to take care of their patients’ needs. They understood that a human body has a remarkable ability to heal itself but sometimes it needs a little help. So they developed a personal approach to health care using natural ingredients that can holistically work with and support our own body’s healing tendencies. They started by creating one of the world’s first Biodynamic gardens to grow what they needed. Sound new agey? It’s actually old agey—what cultures around the world have done successfully for generations. It was successful for our founders too. Patients were healed wellness and balance were restored to them and never once was a synthetic chemical or lab-made preservative used in the process. The company’s new name couldn’t have been more appropriate: Weleda after the Celtic goddess of wisdom and healing. Soon word got around about the innovative effective work Weleda was doing and the company spread from Switzerland to Germany and into North America and the world. Today we’re proud to have offices and partnerships in more than 50 countries. And yet despite our success not a whole lot has changed. We still cultivate our own Biodynamicgardens. We still believe natural ingredients truly provide what a body needs to be vibrant beautiful and well. We still put the health and well-being of you above all else. And we continue to grow spreading our passion for beauty wellness and environmental respect around the world. Our Philosophy and Mission We see beauty everywhere. It’s in the soil we till the flowers we grow the partnerships we build that honor the human spirit and respect the natural world. And of course we see it in you. But our mission isn’t just to recognize beauty. Our mission is to actively cultivate beauty. We do it with Biodynamic farming methods. We do it by developing fair trade partnerships for a more positive impact on the world. We do it by empowering the individual to make positive change in the world. And of course we do it with meaningful products that work with your body’s own natural vitality and ability to nurture and heal. We strongly believe in supporting your health and beauty and that of every individual. By doing so we hope each of us will be empowered to cultivate beauty in the world. For ourselves for our children and for the children of all the generations to come. Our promise to you Weleda’s promise is to delight the senses with products that are gentle and effective; to create vital relationships among customers fair trade partners and our own team; to ensure the quality of our products and programs; to actively protect ecology and steward conservation; to continually invest in research and development so we may continue to cultivate beauty around the world. Our Mission We stimulate and inspire your body soul and spirit. In doing so we encourage you to draw from your own vitality and discover inner balance. This enables your individual health and authentic beauty to unfold. Our Team At Weleda we spend so much time getting to know you we thought it only fair that you get to know a little more about some of us. We’ve also offered up a few of our favorite Weleda products—although choosing among them turned out to be no small task. It’s not a very complicated equation; happy people do better work. So we work hard at Weleda making sure everyone working at Weleda is happy. We know that creating wonderful products aren’t mutually exclusive to fostering a respectful workplace promoting creativity and taking a personal interest in those who work with us. We encourage personal development outside the office. We serve free organic cappuccinos celebrate each other’s birthdays prompt our staff to use their generous vacation time. It’s not surprising to see new parents at work here with their children by their sides. We’ve also created a unique social structure that makes every team member feel greater ownership of the company and more connected to one another. And to make sure everyone feels valued we make sure to keep communication channels wide open. After all brilliant ideas can come from anyone. Even from you. In fact feel free to Contact Us any time. That would make us happy. And you know what we think about happy people.

Weleda Facebook Feed

3 days ago


We have just caught sight of the stunning pictures coming through from our latest organic lavender harvest in France.

Who'd like to see more?
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We have just caught sight of the stunning pictures coming through from our latest organic lavender harvest in France.

Whod like to see more?

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yes please!!

4 days ago


Thank you to Weleda-lover Sheena for emailing us this fabulous picture, following her purchase of all 3 of our new Tinted Lip Balms.

She's clearly a Berry-Red head. What's your favourite?
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Thank you to Weleda-lover Sheena for emailing us this fabulous picture, following her purchase of all 3 of our new Tinted Lip Balms.

Shes clearly a Berry-Red head. Whats your favourite?

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All three are great but I must admit I'm leaning towards red berry too x

I have all three and Berry Red is it for me too.

6 days ago


We were blown away by the magic worked by make-up artist Martina Lattanzi, using Weleda for designer Paula Knorr's AW17 London Fashion Week Presentation over the weekend.

Here's your exclusive backstage peek! 😍😍😍
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We were blown away by the magic worked by make-up artist Martina Lattanzi, using Weleda for designer Paula Knorrs AW17 London Fashion Week Presentation over the weekend.

Heres your exclusive backstage peek! 😍😍😍

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Thanks Liane - it just so happens to be a favourite of ours too!

Are your products vegan?

Fabulous..... I adore Weleda products.... just got the Rose eye cream.... it's wonderful!

Preeya Prasad this is the brand i was telling u about 😀

I <3 skincare tips

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