Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips

Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips

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Product Description

Sweet potatoes are kettle cooked and lightly salted to bring out the natural sweetness of this root vegetable. Source

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About Food Should Taste Good

Unique snacks with great taste real ingredients and sophisticated flavor. Founder Pete Lescoe created Food Should Taste Good Inc in 2006 with the goal of making a unique new snack with great taste real ingredients and sophisticated flavor – the qualities he is most passionate about in food. With a name that speaks for itself Food Should Taste Good chips are made from high quality ingredients. All chip varieties are gluten free cholesterol free have zero grams trans fats. They are also certified Kosher. Plus many varieties are certified vegan. Treat Your Tastebuds Made from wholesome ingredients Food Should Taste Good chips have been recognized with over 40 awards and are created with real ingredients zero trans fats and no cholesterol. Beyond their award winning taste these chips are certified gluten free and Kosher and are the perfect anytime snack. Non GMO Commitment First Food Should Taste Good flavors verified by the Non-GMO Project Consumers want to know what is in their food. And we at Food Should Taste Good want you to know what’s in ours. We understand that knowing whether food is produced with GMOs is important to you. In the spirit of transparency we’ve enrolled our products which have always been made without GMO ingredients in the Non-GMO Project. As our products become verified this third party certification will provide you with additional assurance that our products are produced without the use of GMO ingredients – and we are thrilled to announce that Multigrain Sweet Potato Olive Blue Corn The Works! Toasted Sesame Harvest Pumpkin Falafel Lime Guacamole and Original Kettle Cooked Sweet Potato are the first of our products to be verified by the Non-GMO Project. While our products undergo the verification process we have chosen to update our packaging to reflect our ongoing commitment to using ingredients made without the use of genetic engineering (GMOs) . Be on the lookout for our new bags which have started hitting store shelves and proudly call out that our chips are “Not Made With Genetically Engineered Ingredients.” Here are some options as you shop for products produced without GMOs: Choose Certified Organic Products: Organic foods are prohibited from being made with biotechnology (GMOs). The USDA Organic seal is verification that the ingredients used are non-GMO even if the package does not separately call out the ingredients as non-GMO. Products labeled as “Made with organic ingredients” also cannot be made with GMO’s. You can verify organic certification by checking the fact panel for a ‘certified by’ statement.’ • One quick rule-of-thumb: A product can be non-GMO without being organic but a product can’t be organic without being non-GMO. Choose products with non-GMO Labeling: If a product is labeled as non-GMO or not made with genetically engineered ingredients it likely is non-GMO. Third party verification organizations like the Non-GMO Project for example audit and verify that a product is non-GMO for further assurance. For more information about the non-GMO verification process visit the Non-GMO Project website. Only a limited number of crops in the United States have GMO equivalents. You can find a list of common ingredients from these crops on the Non-GMO Project website. Food Should Taste Good is committed to providing you and your family with foods made without GMO ingredients. We feel we are making a positive impact by increasing non-GMO acreage as we grow. Food Should Taste Good continues to uphold the same beliefs we’ve had since our founding including the value we place on using non-GMO ingredients. We hope you will recognize the great care we have taken to maintain this integrity over time. We appreciate your support of our products and we pledge to continue to always do right by you with our actions. Snack on Food Should Taste Good

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4 hours ago

Aryax Ariana

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2 days ago

Melanie Ballard

I'm so glad I came across your chips!! They are out of this world, the best chips in the universe. I'm addicted to them! One evening, I opened a 5.5 oz bag of Blue Corn, with intentions of snacking on a few chips. Well, I couldn't put the bag down and eventually finished the entire bag. They are just that good!!! And I don't need to have dip or guac. They're scrumptious all by themselves!!! ... See MoreSee Less

4 days ago

MaryHelen Mora

Wow, looks like there is more oil than sweet potato in this sweet potato chip. And why the picture with a dog, is it dog food? 🐶 ... See MoreSee Less

Wow, looks like there is more oil than sweet potato in this sweet potato chip. And why the picture with a dog,  is it dog food? 🐶

Happy first day of spring! ... See MoreSee Less

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Natara! How pretty lol

This dip looks better than our bracket.

📷: Bless This Mess
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This dip looks better than our bracket.

📷: Bless This Mess

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